We’re happy to have you play at our venue! For planning reasons, please email the following information to bandinfos@musicandyouthculture.de:

  1. Technical Rider. If you don’t have one, please tell us your exact line-up!
  2. Band logo or something else to project onto the back wall of the stage. Bright colors on a dark/black background work best. You won’t need your backdrop 😉
  3. We need a cell phone number for contacting you.
  4. Catering: For how many people do we have to cook? Are there any veggies or vegans? Any allergies we need to know about?
  5. What backline are you taking with you? Do you need any equipment such as guitar cabs provided by another band?

organizational matters

Our sound engineer would like to do a full sound check with every band before doors to make sure the sound on stage and in the audience is good. All settings can be saved to our digital mixing console, so we won’t need any sound checks during the changeovers. To have enough time for checking, please arrive at 6 pm (unless otherwise agreed).

After setting up the backline, we soundcheck the last band, then the last but one etc.. Please let us know if you won’t be able to arrive at 6 pm!


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us 🙂